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We aim to please with engaging well made content for TV broadcast and video for web sites.

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Video production + film editing

Moonwater Media can take your project from script to screen with a complete production service or any part of your project. We also specialise in providing film editing services, get in touch to find out more.

Who we are...

interactive video

Choice is king 

Whoever you want to engage wouldn't it be great to customise your video so that it caters for different needs? Well now you can through interactive video. Moonwater now offers a new service that has all of the possibilities of a web site with the magic of video.

Education and Training

With interactive video students or trainees have the choice to learn at their own pace. They can access a variety of content that illustrates different aspects of the course. Videos can offer a choice tailored to different student levels or experience and can then be replayed or followed by an interactive experience such as a multiple choice test or quiz. If you need to produce learning content this would be perfect for your needs.

How it works Demo's

Interactive video is the perfect way to demonstrate your product or service. For a viewer its the next best thing to actually being there. This works best if you have a product or service that can be used in different ways or where your customers have differing needs. You can show how your product works and then your customers can choose from a range of seperate videos that offer different information.


Interactive video is perfect for staff inductions, health and safety infomation and general training. If you need to get across this type of information then get in touch to talk about how interactive video can assist your organisation in training your staff. We have experience of working with a range of clients most notably producing modules in the BBCs Health and Safety interactive video.

Free Consultation

Interactive video is a "new kid on the block" so we appreciate that you may not appreciate just how powerful it is at engaging viewers. Because of that we're happy to come and talk to you and show you how you may benefit from using it for your business or organisation. Give us a call now to organise a free consultation.

film editing  services

We provide a number of editors who work on projects for broadcast or corporate, most of our editors are ex-BBC  with broadcast credits to their name. Contact us to discuss availability and your requirements.  

our Clients Love Us…

Caroline Anson

Anson & Curtis Concept Cooking

Other than cringing at ourselves on screen we absolutely love the videos. Thank you so much, they really are fantastic.

John Lyon

The Geographical Association

I have worked with Moonwater on several assignments filming  university academics. Allan, the producer was calm, clear and extremely professional. He put people at ease and achieved excellent results.

Tom Peck

Zinkin Research Partners

Moonwater worked with us to produce our new website and a wagamama promotional video, they produced a really great end product and we would definately work with them again.